Quite a few new online casinos have appeared in recent years. The quality of these online casinos is constantly improving, and this is all due to the increasingly stringent requirements in the market. Players are becoming ever more demanding, so are gamblers and, thanks to gambling authorities, online casinos are forced to provide a good service. However, you should not play at every online casino and that is why we help you with our reviews of the latest online casinos.

These new online casinos make an extra effort to attract new players. With a little bit of luck, you’ll notice a huge range of games, attractive bonuses and a 24/7 customer support team that can help you with anything. Whether you’re looking for a new online casino or a new online video slot, we’ll help you on your journey of discovery.

The Best New Online Casinos

Our team is made up of experienced online casino experts who enjoy discovering new casinos for themselves. Precisely because we have so much passion for everything in the field of online gambling, you can rest assured that we thoroughly analyze each and every provider. From top to bottom, left to right; we pay attention to everything that an online casino needs to satisfy. That doesn’t mean that we choose casinos rigorously: some casinos, for example, will score better on the range of games on offer and do less well on customer service. What we are doing, however, is specifying exactly what the casino scores well or badly on. In any case, you will get a complete picture.

We Say what it Says

You get that because we just tell you what it says: if it is good, it is good, and if it is bad, it is bad. We are straight to the point and burn down a casino if we have to, praising a provider if there is reason to do so. Because we have a lot of criteria that we are looking at and that means that it is not so easy, for example, to get the maximum score. The fact is, however, that we are not, of course, going to recommend shady casinos, so the parties listed on our website will in any case reach a minimum limit in order to be worth mentioning at all.

New Casinos with a Good Range of Games

One of the points that we find very important is the range of games on offer. Not only should it be large, but it should also offer sufficient variety. For example, it is important that each category of game is adequately represented. In addition, gamblers must also have a certain authority; that is important both for confidence in the provider and for the necessary recognition of well-known titles. For example, you want to be able to play well-known games in a casino, such as Book of Dead or Starburst. Our criteria are therefore as follows:

  • Size of game offer: most casinos offer at least a few hundred games, many even a few thousand.
  • Offering a live casino.
  • The diversity of casino games.
  • Whether there are also online table games to play.
  • The other category of games, such as jackpot slots and Megaways games.
  • The game makers we work with.

The importance of the payment methods

The payment methods are also a good indication. After all, online casino payment methods are also becoming increasingly strict when it comes to cooperating with casinos. After all, they do not want to be associated with every website. After all, they do not want to be associated with every website. After all, they do not want to be associated with every website either. If it appears that a new casino does not comply with its payment obligations, then a payment method can also refrain from cooperating with this party. This can also be a reason for gambling authorities to monitor payment traffic. Furthermore, a payment method such as Neosurf or Poli payments, for example, evokes a great deal of recognition. If a casino works with this payment option, it is always a great advantage over unknown payment options. The payment method is also important for fast payments. You want to have sufficient options to apply for your payment and, if possible, you want to receive it as soon as possible. Payment options therefore count.

Online casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses play an important role at both old and new online casinos. However, we see that many new online casinos are scattering a lot of casino bonuses because they are hoping to attract new players. Like any new company, a lot needs to be invested in marketing and promotion and the bonuses are an important tool in this. There are several bonuses that you can get, including:

  • Welcome bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • Free spins
  • Cashbacks
  • Reload bonus

Just as important as a good casino bonus are the conditions that go with it. For example, you don’t want to play in a casino where it is almost impossible to cash out a bonus because of the strict conditions that are set. Important with these conditions are the playing conditions, but also for example whether the bonus is valid in both the online casino and the live casino and whether table games are also eligible.

Play for Free in a New Online Casino

One of the ways to feel the atmosphere in an online casino is by not yet playing for money in an online casino. Just try a casino first by choosing demo versions of the games. Most slot machines do have a fun mode so you don’t have to play for money yet. This way you’ll not only get to know the game, but also the ins and outs of the online casino. In the meantime, you can see if you feel comfortable at the casino and play for money. Nowadays you can play free games in all new casinos. This applies at least to the video slots and a lot of table games. In the live casino you will have to make a bet.

The Owners of the Online Casino

Important for the reliability of an online casino is also the owner of the website. With a bit of luck you will be playing on a website that is managed by an owner who also offers other websites. This makes it a lot easier to form a picture of the overarching party: what are the user experiences with the other casinos of this owner, for example, how financially healthy is the provider? These are questions that are much easier to answer if we know who is behind the casino. That is why we are investigating the owner of the online casino with the following questions:

Who set up this online casino?
Where is the owner located?
Is the owner of the new online casino in possession of valid licenses?
Is the umbrella organisation financially sound?
What other casinos does this provider offer?
What reputation do the other casinos have of this provider?

The Reputation of the Online Casino

That brings us straight to the next point, that of reputation. After all, with a provider who also has other casinos under him, it becomes a little easier to form a judgment. For an online casino that has only been in operation for a month, it becomes a great deal more difficult. It is therefore crucial for the online casino to work on its reputation. Is there an online casino that has been operating since, lets say, 2013? Then at least you know that we are talking about a stable provider. That is why it is important for online casinos to work on their image. It does so by being as open as possible, by having a strong license and by having a strong customer service. That is how a provider builds its name.

Checklist for New Online Casinos

All in all, therefore, there are quite a few criteria that ensure that an online casino can be considered reliable or that we write off a provider completely. In order to make things a little clearer for you, we have listed the criteria for you. Keep in mind that the following criteria are especially important for new online casinos.

Checklist of new online casinos

*Criteria: Explanatory notes
*Permit: Gambling authorities ensure that providers comply with rules and laws and that players can play in a safe environment. A strong licence is that of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).
*Players: Players also have a reputation to uphold and do not want to be associated with rogue casinos.
*Owner: Who is behind the online casino and what can be found about this provider. Also check the reputation of sister casinos.
*Bonuses: New online casinos often hand out bonuses. Make sure you make use of them.
*Bonus conditions: The benevolence of an online casino can also be seen in the general terms and conditions and bonus conditions. For example, pay attention to the conditions of play.
*Loyalty programs: A decent casino also appreciates its existing players. Now, not every casino has a loyalty system, but those who do deserve a plus.
*Payout limits: The payout limits per transaction, day, week and month must be reasonable and allow the player to withdraw a nice amount.
*Payout period: Payments must also be processed quickly. This also depends in part on the available payment methods.
*Mobile optimisation: An online casino should work just as well on a mobile device as on the desktop. New online casinos may have an optimised site or a mobile app.

Final words

We do not rate all new online casinos. There are just too many of them every week, making it impossible to rate them all. We do try to take as many as we can. Players often find out where they should and shouldn’t play, there are all kinds of gambling authorities that keep an eye on the business and thanks to our online reviews, it is increasingly easy to find out whether a provider can be trusted or not. In doing so, you can always count on our unsullied opinion: when it is good, it is good, and when it is crap, we do not put it on our site anyway.