Safe online roulette games

Online roulette is made available to players in multiple variations, so you can choose which version to play at the online casino. That’s not the only choice you can make, because there are also several options available in terms of wagers. Players who like to wager large amounts of money can choose to play with high stakes, and players who have less money to spend will soon end up playing roulette with normal bets or low bets. In any case, the financial threshold to play roulette is low, because with a token with a value of 0.10 euros it is already possible to place a bet. Please note that if you’re using a casino with a welcome bonus or it’s also valid to play roulette. Some casinos ‘exclude’ playing table games. This simply means that bonus credit may not be wagered on table games such as roulette. In that case, wagering your bonus credit on roulette is prohibited. Sometimes, however, bonus money can be wagered on roulette games, but does not count towards the bonus received. So always make sure you check this out in the bonus terms and conditions. You can also ask a member of staff via the live chat feature. Either way, we’ve put together a top listing of online casinos below where you can play your favorite roulette games with peace of mind.

American and french live roulette

To give you an impression of the versions that are available in the online casino, we’ll briefly explain the difference between, for example, american, european and french roulette. The difference can be found on the roulette wheel. The american roulette wheel has a green box with the number 00 which can’t be found on the french roulette wheel. The house advantage will be just a bit bigger with the american variant, but in any case an extra bet option is offered as well, because you can of course place your bet on the space 00.

Black, red and green

The roulette wheel always has 18 red squares and 18 black squares as standard, as well as a green square 0. With roulette, you can place multiple bets, but you can also bet on one square with a number, or bet money on the color red or black, for example. The bet placed has a certain payout ratio if the prediction is correct. This ratio is the largest when betting on a single number, i.e. one on 35, and the lowest when betting on a colour or on the outcome of even or odd. A good prediction will result in a payout ratio of one to one. So you get your bet paid out once. In other words, you can double your bet on red, black, even or odd.

Method of betting

In order to play and enjoy internet roulette, it is useful to know the difference between different bets. You probably know that you can place a bet on black or red or on a single number. However, it is also possible to place a chip on a line between two numbers. This immediately increases the chance of winning. The chance of winning is even greater if you decide to bet on the left or right of three numbers. You then bet on three numbers. Betting on six numbers is also one of the betting options, as is placing a bet on the intersection of four numbers. You then bet on four numbers at the same time. If you want to take as little risk as possible, there are also betting options, where you bet on eight numbers, twelve numbers or even eighteen numbers at the same time. In French roulette, if you place a bet on 18 numbers at the same time and the ball lands on 0, then half the bet remains.

Game information

When playing roulette, you can make use of the game information, such as the last-case numbers constantly displayed on screen. Information is also provided about the so-called hot and cold numbers. The overview of hot numbers shows which numbers have fallen the most frequently. The overview with cold numbers shows the numbers that have fallen the least often. Depending on the casino where you’re going to play roulette and the chosen version, even more interesting information is provided. It’s always a good idea to go through the game history before you start, as this will allow you to place a well-considered bet and increase your odds of winning.

Live Roulette

Playing live roulette is also incredibly popular among many Dutch players! What’s more exciting than watching a croupier spin the ball into the bin and you hear live: “Rien ne va plus”. The ball rolls and he falls into your song! Now experience the enormous excitement of playing live roulette!

Free Roulette

To get acquainted with roulette, it’s useful to play for free first. You can then discover at your leisure which of the versions you like best, but also experiment with different bets. Free roulette can be played directly from your browser without the need for a player account. However, you do need a player account to start playing with real money. You can sign up for an account at any time and you can choose from a variety of payment methods to deposit money and play roulette online.