1. Buy environmentally friendly products such as recycled paper or local organic foods.
  2. Support environmental labelling programs when you go shopping by buying their products.
  3. Suggest a school project to survey the state of the local environment and report your findings and suggestions for change.
  4. Find out where your food comes from (PROJECT WILD), where your water comes from and where your garbage goes. Create a map that has each are researched, labelled and in a different colour.
  5. Suggest that your school set up a project to study sustainable urbanization.
  6. Find out more about issues using libraries or websites.
  7. Design posters to encourage people to pick up litter and improve the environment. Stick them up at home, at school, in your library, or club house.
  8. Get your class to adopt a rare species and learn everything you can about it.
  9. Plan a class trip to the zoo to see a new arrival or to find an endangered species.
  10. Reduce the amount of garbage generated: in your home, in your classroom, at parents